Democracy Makes a MISTAKE!

The fight to save America from madness

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About Us

Sweet and Sour Politics is a fun and engaging way to introduce and spread political points of view. As we are progressive, our views will generally lean left.

Each deck of cards revolves around a theme and is a collection of 54 memorable illustrations and bite-sized messages that readers can quickly relate to.

Keep checking back through the 2020 Presidential cycle for new decks!

What You Get

Democracy Makes a Mistake is a collection of 54 illustrations on cards revealing President Trump's true nature and personality.


Readers will relate quickly


A satirical guide into how Trump thinks


Colorful and descriptive artistry


Unique gift; humorous graphics

Trump is a CON MAN!

We have a con man and a human wrecking ball in the White House. He doesn't give a _____ who he hurts as long as it's not himself. Trump is not a serious man and he is intent on dividing the country and even the world for his own gain.... $AD!

Some incredible revelations you will see in Democracy Makes a Mistake

What does Trump crave?

How does he make national decisions?

Who does he trust?

What are his values?

How does Trump calculate his net worth?

Who is he loyal to?

Reclaiming the Dignity of the Presidency and the White House

A human chameleon, Trump is impulsive and changes on a whim with his true intentions always hidden. His main advantages are: he has no conscience and no shame. There's nothing that he won't do!

Trump is a needy soul looking for love and acceptance. He has no real friends (or even permanent enemies as long as you flatter him).

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